COCONUT INTERIORS – an exotic luxury

SEASHELL – A SYMBOL OF LUXURY in history & contemporary DESIGN

COCONUT INTERIORS – an exotic luxury


When you hear “coconut”, “coconut shell”…what is the first coming to your mind? Definitely  we picture a coconut fruit or coconut juice  which you want to have it during your holiday in tropics…

Nowadays a “coconut” is a sign of eco luxury goods… Such as interiors & decor elements: different kind of furniture, home accessories, decorative wall covering.


Nowadays  it gets a lot of attention from the best designers of the world because,first of all, it is a pure natural, eco friendly material, can call it even recycled.

Second,  for its beautiful texture, shapes, colors.

Third,  it is very resistant to hot or cold temperatures and does not change or loose its shape.

Fourth,  it s an amazing example of traditions and technologies coming together in a process of production from coconut.

Why it is a sign of luxury? Going from the point that luxury is unique and special, individual and valuable, we can even  call it  “precious” because  any furniture or decoration items are all handmade and mostly customized.


At the moment there are just few companies in a world producing designer and high-end coconut items  such as furniture, decor and architectural panels. D sign furniture, as a luxury furniture manufacturer,  is one of them,  designing modern  pieces with this unique material.