SEASHELL – A SYMBOL OF LUXURY in history & contemporary DESIGN

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SEASHELL – A SYMBOL OF LUXURY in history & contemporary DESIGN

SEASHELL – A SYMBOL OF  LUXURY in history & contemporary DESIGN

The use of seashells in a furniture design, home decor and space decorating has a long beautiful history going back to the ancient times. Indeed the humble & elegant seashell gave its name to a whole decor & furniture style in the 18th century – the Rococo, in France.
Since then, seashell furniture and a seashell home decor is a symbol of luxury in the world of modern interior design.
Traditionally seashell has been used as an encrustation for different furniture and decor items.
Nowadays seashell is a modern component of different living spaces: living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms. Also for decorating of luxury boutiques, vitrines & showrooms, spa & beauty salons, luxury restaurants, yachts and etc because of its gorgeous lines, natural shine, bright colors and smooth texture.

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Today,not so many companies in the world are designing shell products. It s a unique and difficult material to work on.  It takes deep knowledge of generations and techniques.  It takes patience and hours of work to create a handmade stunning item, such as a dining table made of thousands mosaic pieces of mother of pearl. Or a coffee table made of thousands 1 cm seashell tiles… One by one. This is the case when each item has a history behind… And it is purely unique… But the result is always impressive!

Dsign® works with shells over 10 years combining traditional crafts with a modern design ideas. This blend creates top quality art objects and high-end furniture & decor items. It is a european brand, an international company supplying all over the world which the production is based in Bali – the tropical island of gods with the most professional seashell craftsmen in the world. They make all the great design ideas live.