COCONUT INTERIORS – an exotic luxury
Seashells’ Natural Royalty



How luxury is made and understood and what does it mean to people today?

Luxury always was attribute of status..power..money… It was about to possess something that is common for a top class they belong.

Nowadays it belongs to those ephemeral terms such as life..happiness, beauty, style, which are quite difficult to explain and even more difficult to define… so it became individual.

Analyzing how perception and feeling of luxury have changed over the past few years, we can bring to the light the following points:

Luxury is special… UniquePersonalEco friendlySustainableCustomizedExtraordinaryHandmade



Before people were more tended to purchase tangible “status” things to show their wealth, today they prefer to buy and live unique experiences. It s something taking you out from the crowd, global trends, common things… Something which makes you create your own world, your own style, your personal experience, expressing your individuality.

It affected a lot Interior Design. Because first of all, people want to have luxury experiences in their spaces – whenever they are: houses, offices, spa-centers, hotels etc. The feeling of space has become a unique experience. This affects peoples’ choices.

People are shifting from “Trendy brands” to local artisans and small boutiques. The reason is that they want to have in their spaces special objects, that no one else has. If you go to the luxury shops you will find the same assortment of goods no matter where you are – in NYC, Paris, London, Milan. How the thing can be considered as luxury, if it is not unique and rare? Not handmade? Not special? Means it s not. And does not matter how much they it cost. Because luxury is not about a price, it s about a value. It is a philosophy and an ideology. It is the way to appreciate a uniqueness.

Another point of luxury is Eco nowadays. Responsibility for environment is embracing the world as never before. Recycled and natural materials, eco friendly way of production – all these things are meaningful and they create a luxury.

Sustainable does not mean cheap. Furniture producers make stunning furniture and decor from the reclaimed wood, recycled coconut and seashell which adds unique character and history of each item.

Definitely people become less effected by global fashion and trends. They want their space to be individual. In this sense luxury also means customized – from custom furniture items to the entire custom interiors.